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One of the most elusive qualities all designers strive for, is to occupy a unique space and possess their own distinct handwriting. At Duchamp we feel we have attained this enviable status. This position was earned as a result of our founder’s initial motivation and drives to produce a vibrant, superior line of cufflinks to satisfy his own penchant. Since its inception in 1989, fine accessories and luxury men’s trappings became a burgeoning sphere, and Duchamp rode high on a wave of success. Catching the zeitgeist of challenging top end menswear, Duchamp’s values were born out. Buoyed by the success of the cufflinks, other arenas were considered for expansion.

When forays into ties design were embarked upon the same rubric was adhered to. British silk weavers, in Suffolk, England were tested to their limits. Seven thread yarns were commissioned in order to facilitate the lustre and fantastic colour displays as exhibited in Duchamps work. The modus operandi employed by the designers, taking inspiration from architecture, vintage archives, and art culture, has led to an institution in British style being hewn. A loyal client base were voting with their choice of accessories.

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