The Wedding

  • I am getting married in a few months and am thinking of wearing one of my favourite work suits as my outfit. Any ideas how I can give it a bit of polish?

    In these thrifty times, we admire your spirit of recycling, but we think your bride and all your guests deserve to have you in a new suit. You don’t want to look as though you just popped out of the office to get hitched in your lunch hour. You haven’t said what your favourite work suit is like, but we are guessing that it is not a special occasion outfit. Of course you can dress it up with some special accessories but we would advise you to look at our interesting suits, which look special to begin with, and then accessorise around that.

  • I really want to stand out on my wedding day. How far can I go with my outfit?

    Whoa there, tiger! This is your wedding, not a fancy dress competition. Even in these enlightened times a gentleman should allow the main spotlight to fall upon his bride. The groom is in a subordinate role, but he should literally and stylistically support his partner. Without knowing every detail of the dress, get some idea of the colour (most importantly) and a vague idea of the style. Your best man and the bridesmaids could gently guide you in this. Then go for a tasteful, refined outfit that complements – and compliments! – your partner’s outfit. The venue for the wedding is also all-important. An outfit that would work for a beach ceremony in the West Indies is almost certainly not going to look right for a February wedding in the UK. Refined colour would look good for a groom’s outfit and think about doing something slightly out of the ordinary for this extraordinary day. How about, for example, wearing a bow tie rather than a conventional tie?