The Boardroom

  • I have an important job interview this week and I'm expected to wear a suit. I want to stand apart from the other candidates. How can I be a fashion success on the day?

    Raise your style stakes by wearing a matching tie / pochette combination. This will show that you have confidence in your ability to put an outfit that works. Wearing a matching combination with a herringbone shirt will mark you out and show the crowd you mean business.

  • I’d like to wear more individual accessories, like a pocket handkerchief and bold cufflinks, but I am worried I will look over-dressed or pretentious. Advice, please.

    There is a difference between taking a keen interest in your appearance and trying a bit too hard. At Duchamp, we believe men should enjoy their clothes and use them to express their personality. Our reputation has been built around bending the rules of tasteful dressing; tasteful too often means bland in our eyes. Experimentation is the best way to find out what works for you and what you feel comfortable with. So spend a bit of time in front of the mirror at home trying different shirt-and-tie combinations, with different suits or tailored jackets, with different pochettes (we love pochettes!). You’ll soon see what looks good – a deliberate clash or contrast is often more effective than careful close coordination. Even belts and socks need to be considered in this equation. Look at the shots on the Duchamp site for inspiration. Enjoy yourself!

  • I’m never sure if my suit looks right, how can I be sure that it fits correctly?

    Lots of factors make up the perfect suit fit. Whilst the prevailing silhouette is as tight now as it ever has been, suits still have to fit well- stretching and pulling remain unflattering even if a jacket is cut like a second skin. Ideally the jacket will be as wide, but certainly no wider, than your shoulders, the collar will sit flat against your shirt collar, the back will fall in a fairly straight line from the shoulder blades, the armpits will be quite neat (because otherwise the jacket will restrict your arm movement), the buttoning point will be on the same latitude as your belly button, there will be enough shape to give you a waist, and it'll ideally be close - but not tight - around the stomach. Below is a wide range of the suits available from the new collection.

  • II don't like wearing ties, in fact I hate it. What are my alternatives?

    There are times when going sans tie will impede your professional and / or social success so, before you dump the silk, you must ask yourself where the problem lies. Physical discomfort is more than likely to be caused by a shirt collar that's too small. Or is it just that you don't like your ties: might a slimmer tie, a bow tie or a knitted silk tie redefine the item? If you remain unconvinced, how about a silk scarf? Check on youtube for the numerous ways to wear a scarf in a professional environment. If, however, you are set on this course do think about your shirt, because an open collar needs to stand up to look right.