Best of British

We might be named after a French artist, but Duchamp is British through and through. We have a network of small, family owned mill and manufacturers in the UK. We place great value on our relationships with our suppliers and have worked with our cuff-link supplier Merit since our inception in 1989. We commission silk and wool tie cloths from a Suffolk mill that has been in operation since 1740.

Our luxurious cashmere knits are produced by an expert firm in the Scottish Borders, the world-renowned centre for the best knitwear. Our fabulous lambswool scarves are also created in Scotland. The fine cloth for our suits and jackets is designed especially for us and woven in West Yorkshire or in Scotland, where centuries of heritage has been matched with the most up-to-date technical expertise.


The History of the Tie

As fascinating as a butterfly’s wing, a Duchamp tie is a marvellous amalgam of art and technology. Take a magnifying glass to examine the bewilderingly intricate patterns and the exquisite three-dimensional reliefs built up by fine silk threads. Enjoy the “handle” of the tie, that pleasing fullness that comes from having a generous silk fabric embracing a soft wool-based interlining.

Notice how precisely the tie has been cut, folded, trimmed and hand-sewn to look immaculate every time it is worn. And consider how many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years of expertise and devotion have gone into to creating every single one of Duchamp’s amazing signature neckwear pieces.

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Hawick Cashmere

There are more than 4,000 miles between Mongolia and Hawick in the Scottish Borders, but the two are irrevocably linked by a thread of cashmere yarn. The high plateaus of Mongolia are the source of the best cashmere fibre in the world and the town of Hawick is the home of the best cashmere knitters in the world.

For its new cashmere sweaters this season, Duchamp worked with Hawick Cashmere, the company that most confidently blends the handwork traditions of the Borders knitting industry with the most technologically advanced design software and seamless “whole-garment” knitting machines. The result is that Duchamp has developed fine cashmere sweaters of exceptional quality and exceptional fit.

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