About Duchamp

The accomplishments that followed lead the company to expand further into shirt production. Looking to Italy for the required excellence of raw material, a distinctly British stance was retained. A menswear tour de force was taking shape. In 1998 Duchamp’s first stand alone shop was opened in Ledbury Road, West London. When Marc Psarolis took the helm as managing director a far wider retail base was envisaged. Within a short time, Duchamp boasted shops in Regent Street, Canary Wharf and the historic Jermyn Street. Now we look abroad to other expanding markets to deliver our matchless apparel.

Simultaneously the product range has swelled to encompass underwear, eveningwear, socks, and more recently Ready to wear. Our fresh endeavors’ have been executed with the same values that we began operations with. We’re rather proud of our achievements, and would be thrilled if you should take a look through what we’ve been up to, and what we’re offering now. Explore our current product lines and do let us know how you are finding them. Meanwhile we’ll strive for the same goals we’ve been aiming for two decades. Keep it sharp. Keep it lively. Duchamp.