Mens Socks

The Duchamp mens socks collection for Spring Summer 2013 is a big leap forward for our impressive range of quality socks, with a multitude of new and exciting designs to choose from. Our intention was to give our mens socks range a thorough overhaul and provide our customers with something new and invigorating, in addition of course to continuing to maintain our reputation as one of the leading suppliers of quality mens socks in the business.

We think you will find our new mens socks collection truly stunning, with some fabulously creative designs. Choose from a wide range of striking designs, including Floral, Spot, Drop Box, Harlequin and striped socks. A pair of Duchamp’s impeccably tasteful striped socks, together with a carefully balanced selection of luxury mens accessories from our exclusive range, is the perfect finishing touch to your Duchamp menswear outfit.

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