Duchamp London

Duchamp is a leading supplier of high quality menswear. Whether you’re looking for a mens wedding shirt, a mens velvet jacket or even a distinctive pair of socks, Duchamp London provides a fantastic range of menswear and accessories all made from the very finest materials and finished to perfection.

This season we are promoting our luxurious mens velvet jacket, which comes in a lustrous navy blue. Wear it with our trademark satin striped shirt and socks, contrasting fuchsia geometric tie, and a pochette for a fantastic look. Our mens wedding shirt will certainly add that exclusive touch to your big day. Alternatively, have a look at our dazzling checked jackets; vibrant pinks and blues combined with golden yellows and rich browns create this stunning casual garment. For a softened look, pair it with a Botanical Jacquard shirt and a decorative Floral tie from our exclusive range. Whether it is a mens wedding shirt for that special occasion or a Bold Herringbone jacket made from 100% wool, you will find these and other fine garments at Duchamp London, the best in the business when it comes to dressing the discerning man.