Men's Wedding Shirts

Men's Wedding Shirts

Duchamp London's men's wedding shirts collection for 2013 surpasses any previous collections simply because of the incredible variety available.

You could go for our Trailing Blooms Jacquard Wedding shirt. A double cuff shirt made from italian fabric. The collar is designed to work well with a tie (it is your wedding after all!). This luxury wedding shirt has subtle floral patterns and just give you that little bit more than perhaps a plain shirt would.

Alternatively you could look for an even simpler and more subtle patterned wedding shirt. The mini dot shirt for instance is a tailored fit with a butterfly cuff, again made from Italian fabric. This particular luxury wedding shirt has very subtle dotting throughout. Understated but elegant.

Whichever shirt you choose for your wedding we know you'll find something from our collection of luxury shirts and our fabulous luxury mens accessories that will meet you and your brides expectations.

These are wedding shirts of the highest quality. Shop online today, or contact our customer service team if you would like some advice.


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