Evening Shirts

Evening Shirts

Duchamp London's men's designer evening shirts collection for 2013 is as exciting a shirt collection as we have produced in recent years.

It very much depends on the kind of event you are dressing for, and there are a great variety of party shirts available in our collections. However, we should focus on two stand out pieces for those special evening occasions where a unique type of shirt is required.

To begin with, Rose Floral Jacquard Shirt. Available in our REGENT collar, which is a classic style of collar, the shape is modelled to be worn with a tie and the spacing at the centre front is 0.6mm, this allows the tie to be knotted comfortably without modifying the shape. The back neck stand is high, with the top collar folding over the seam so that the tie is covered and the back of the collar fits snuggly across the back of the neck. It should be worn with a slimmer tie ideally. But either will do.

Or if you're looking for something with a little more style and substance why not take your evening shirts selection to the next level?

Our Ruffle Shirt is such an exciting addition to our collection it's something we in the office truly adore. it's a single cuff shirt made from Italian fabric with the Regent collar. Ideally the shirt would be worn with a bow tie, but the collar allows you to be creative.

So what about those livelier evening events? What to wear at a party?

Our recommendation for the season has to be the luxury Fusion Stripe shirt. Brilliantly bright this striped tailored fit party shirt has a combined cuff. It features the Soho High Stand collar that is designed to be worn without a tie. So, slip it on, get in the mood and prepare to be the stand out guest!

Whichever designer shirt you choose for your event our luxury party and evening shirt range will provide every you could need in a variety of colours, collars, patterns and fits.

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