Luxury Men's Accessories

Luxury Men's Accessories

Spring Summer 2013 get's a timely boost of dazzling luxury men's accessories by Duchamp London.

We all know it's the detail that makes the outfit. Our luxury men's accessories have long been revered for their ability to add a certain sparkle to outfits of all types and for all occasions.

It's not just individual items. The luxury mens accessories collection, year on year, provides flourishes throughout the range that you can add from neck to toe. Wrap a men's scarf around your neck, don a structured on unstructured jacket over a crisp white shirt, your pochette will add a touch of colour if you go for something that seems plain. Keep your luxury tie in your pocket but ensure your luxury cufflinks are on display, hanging just below the jacket cuff of course. Whether you like your trousers to hover or hang a slight adjustment in length when walking will reveal a stunning pair of our latest socks. A luxury mens accessory that isn't noticed? Never.

We've also now launched our fabulous Luxury Leather wallets. There are card cases, card holders, coin wallets and combinations of all!

The complete luxury men's accessories collection is available to buy online today. Either click one of our recommendations below, or shop using the navigations above.


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