Duchamp London

Duchamp London

Duchamp London of Savile Row launches their Spring Summer 2013 collection.

Duchamp London are a proudly British luxury menswear brand. Armed with a heart in Savile Row, London and an ethos that eulogises the 'Modern Dandy'.

Each season our luxury British menswear collections are styled to provide endless combinations of menswear and men's accessories. At the centre of each season sit our core collection of men's luxury shirts, designer cufflinks and silk ties. It's these that Duchamp are most renowned for.

For the last few seasons and in particular for Spring Summer 2013 however, it isn't just the luxury shirts, cufflinks and ties that make up our luxury British menswear collection. You'll find men's knitwear, designer jackets, luxury trousers and fine men's outerwear all of which can seamlessly combine to create your modern dandy look for this season.

Our Savile Row showroom hosts events showcasing our exciting collections each season. And as all our guests agreed this year, it's our most exciting season yet.


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