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Floral Ties

Floral Ties

At Duchamp we are especially proud of our floral tie collection. Mens floral ties are indeed one of our specialities, and we are delighted to bring you another stunning range of exclusive designs, all intended to perfectly complement our dazzling selection of cufflinks, pocket squares and other accessories. The Deco Garden floral tie is typical of this truly stunning range of floral ties. Woven from 100% silk by weavers in Italy and England, with Duchamp’s trademark nine-centimetre and seven centimetre width and a comfortable and reassuring weight of lining that facilitates an easy knot, this floral tie is an aristocrat of floral ties, suitable for all occasions and sure to turn heads. The floral tie is not only a work of art with its sumptuous blues, purples and yellows, but like all others in the range comes beautifully packaged and presented in an elegant black box stamped with the Duchamp logo guaranteeing the highest standard of quality.