Style Q&A: Martell Campbell

Martell ‘Mr Flyy’ Campbell is a menswear blogger and self proclaimed style expert…we have a tendency to agree. His work with Individualism propelled him into his own blog, where he documents his every sartorial move.

First record bought? Usher’s 1st Album in the early 90s
Your recurring dream? My self flyying
Guilty pleasures? Waking up late on Sundays & playing Xbox all day
Most under-rated person in the public eye? Andre 3000
Which Mr Men character are you? Mr Happy… Haha
Favourite film? Twilight – I’m obsessed with vampires, they’re very stylish
Irrational fear? Having to wear something I wouldn’t want to wear
Finest Hour of the Day? 12am, when all my ideas come flowing
Signature dance move? The running man
Favourite destination? Barcelona
Laurel or Hardy? Laurel
Pessimist or Optimist? Optimist
Personal Motto? What goes around, Comes around
Artwork you’d like to appear in? A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by  Georges Seurat
Favourite tipple? I don’t drink so it’s herbal tea for me
Most proud of… My Mother
Film you wish you’d been in? The Matrix
Most inspired by? The styling in old movies
In your room 101? Eva Mendes
On your Epitaph? Truly Flyy
Best piece of advice given? Keep striving
Would like to meet? Pharrell Williams
Worth Staying in for? An episode of Mr Selfridge
People are surprised that… I can get my feet through the bottom of my trousers because they are so tapered
Genius is… Quincey Jones
Style is… Your real 1st Impression
Success is… Inner peace
Must have item for Spring? A wide brim Panama hat
Favourite piece from the Duchamp SS13 collection? The Prunelle Suit