The Goodwood Revival

With vintage car racing, fine British food and the most stylish selection of folks this side of 1965, ‘The Goodwood Revival’ was one of the most exciting events we’ve been to in months. After a recommendation from a Duchamp friend, Head of Design Gianni decided to take a trip to Chichester to experience the festival in it’s full glory, sketching the inspiring attendees dressed in period clothing from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

After a few hours on the train from London, it felt as though we were stepping in a time warp. The closer we got, the more vintage-style surrounded us, along with increasing levels of politeness and a generally sunnier disposition. Once through the gates, there was no stopping the good-old-fashioned fun: children playing games, friends enjoying ice-cream and crowds cheering on the speedy vehicles. As Spitfires flew overhead, it was confirmed…this is the coolest darn event in history. Ever.

As you all know, we love quality accessories. Unleashing Gianni at Goodwood was truly like setting kid free in a sweet shop: from felt tribly hats to silk pocket squares, every man added their own touch of personal style to each outfit.

Check out our range of style photos below and keep an eye on the blog over the next week or so for some superb street style.